Thursday, 26 March 2009

Travel photos

This is a view of the alpine valley in slovenia , near to Austria , An ideal place to go for a relaxing vaccation
Portoroz in slovenia , a beautiful country with nice people .

A view of Rio de genero from the national park near to Rio

An amazing city of nice friendly people with majestic landscape

Christ the redemeer

This marvellous statue is situated in the covarado mountains of Rio de genero Brazil
When i took this photo there was heavy mist on the montain, i like this photo becase of the aura like bright light seen around the statue gives a certain amount of divinity to it

A very memorable journey

These photos were taken during my trip to lebanaon in 2003 , we visited beirut immediately after the death of President Hariri

Beirut was soaked in grief and anger

One photo shows the final resting place of Hariri and the other photo shows where the bomb blast occured.

A beautiful country divided because of the greed of leaders and religios extremeism
We indians should look into lebanon and learn that religious and cast based division can make wounds which may never heal

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  1. It is very sad what happened to this country (and a lot of others too )


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